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Custom Tours and Trip Activities in Alaska

Alaskan tours are a dime a dozen.

That’s what Ken Wilkinson discovered while working as a guide in the Alaskan tourist industry. Visitors pay a lot of money to trudge along on a strict schedule with a large crowd aged 6 to 80. These “cookie cutter” trips made it difficult for participants to get the most of their Alaskan wilderness experience.

After talking with guests on these tours, it became clear to Ken that a customized service was needed for those who wanted to break away from the crowds and road tours. After all, isn’t that why most people visit Alaska in the first place?

Thus, Wilkinson Expeditions was born in March of 1995.


Wilkinson Expeditions offers customized, completely guided trips for small groups. What’s your Alaskan fantasy? Hiking and camping in true wilderness areas? Canoeing down a quiet river or paddling pristine lakes? Wilkinson Expeditions can accommodate all of these dreams’and more!

Ken Wilkinson has extensive training and years of experience as a guide, so you can enjoy the Alaskan wilderness in confidence, regardless of your experience or skill level.


Ken’s background includes:

  • Holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Photography & Environmental Science
  • His understanding as a naturalist has made him a firm believer in “Leave No Trace” backcountry techniques.
  • Graduate of the National Outdoor Leadership School (an intensive 95 day course in the Rockies)
  • Member of the Wilderness Education Association
  • Emergency Medical Technician since 1995.
  • He has been a full-time resident of Alaska for over 25 years and spent summers there since 1981.
  • Ken is an accomplished and published wildlife and outdoor photographer
  • Has guided other tours in North America including science-based tours in the Florida Everglades, Polar bear viewing in Churchill, Manitoba and trips to the Galapagos.

Ken’s expertise as an outdoorsman has allowed him to photograph bears in the wild for over 10 years.

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