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Testimonials from out Clients

“Ken Wilkinson was the organizer and guide on an Alaska adventure trip that was life affirming and life altering. He accompanied me and my wife and another couple on a 10-day trip. We hiked, camped, fished, and took lots of great pictures. We white water rafted, ocean kayaked along glaciers and got up close and personal with grizzly bears” Every aspect of our trip was well planned and expertly executed. Ken knows all of the best places to go and which ones to avoid. We soon began to feel sorry for the lines of tourists funneled between barriers from their cruise ships to chosen gift shops. Ken gave us choice and flexibility. I highly recommend Wilkinson Expeditions and Ken Wilkinson for your Alaska adventure. We not only gained lasting memories from this trip but also a true friend in Ken. ”
Gene R

Retired Emergency Room surgeon, Ann Arbor, Michigan

“My first encounter with Ken was over 15 years ago and I’ve been a returning customer ever since. After each of my 7-day excursions I always wonder how Ken would be able to “top” my next visit; and somehow, even 15 years later, he never disappoints. For a truly one-of-a-kind experience that you will be talking about for years to come, Ken is the one to deliver.”
Angela S.

Montclair NJ

“Ken was a very well-informed and pleasant guide for us on our first trip to Alaska- our honeymoon! He was knowledgeable of the area and was able to locate all the activities we wanted to do, from breathtaking kayaking to multiple glacier hikes and everything in between. He always had a story or the history of an area and was quick to accommodate when we wanted to make stops or impromptu plans. We highly recommend him to anyone traveling to Alaska!”
Jennifer M.

North Carolina

“My experience with Ken in Alaska
I can´t imagine my trip without meeting Ken. It was such an amazing trip and I got to know the countryside of Alaska – the real Alaska! I did a canoe-trip for 5 days and everything was perfectly organized. I got to know the backcountry where I wouldn´t have gone without Ken. I just loved the silence, the beauty of nature, especially the sunsets and the animals in the middle of the wilderness.
Ken just knows and loves Alaska and he can transmit this feeling to each one who travels with him! I had the possibility to see a lot – almost everything – of Alaskan wildlife. Thanks for that experience.
Another reason why I appreciate the trip with Ken is that he perfectly prepared me for the following weeks in Alaska. He showed me the simple life of Alaska and this is the experience that I was searching for in Alaska. I didn´t want to know just the Alaska that everyone gets to know by reading books or checking pages in the internet. He gave me a lot of advice that showed he knows and loves the wilderness. For example, he helped me to pack my bag back in a perfect way, he explained to me what to eat and which things I really need and he gave me a lot of local information that I wouldn’t get to know without him.
Also he helped me to organize and plan my personal highlight, the trip to Denali National Park.
Thanks Ken for this awesome and unforgettable experience! ”
Monica W.


“We came upon Ken’s website by accident while planning 10 days in Alaska. After a few emails we felt comfortable entrusting our time with him. We found Ken to be very personable, a pleasure to travel with. He was organized while at the same time relaxed, flexible, & accommodating making it a very enjoyable time for us. Ken was very astute at reading us & what we wanted from our trip, tailoring it to suit our interests & personalities. His in-depth knowledge of the environment, wildlife & plants is what made our trip so memorable and interesting. This was the first time we had traveled with a guide & certainly weren’t disappointed, he added so much insight into our travels along with a few laughs. We highly recommend him for your Alaska wilderness experience.”
Sue & Ian

New Zealand

“With joy we look back to our joint trip last June through the wilderness of Alaska. Under your guidance we experienced the whole scope of Alaska ‘s nature. Your detailed knowledge and explanations of all the wildlife and plants as well as your fun and interesting anecdotes made our trip unique and unforgettable.
We’d like to thank you again for your excellent planning and organization skills mapping out our trip, which included not only different tour proposals but also bookings of all overnight stays.
We wish you all the very best and hope there will be many other explorers who will get to enjoy Alaska’s nature under your skillful fun and interesting guidance.
Gabie and Fred Koehler


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